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phi phi island tour: 6 tips for you

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phi phi island tour

If you’re headed to Phuket, chances are that Phi Phi islands are on your itinerary. In fact it may be the main reason you put Thailand on your bucket list in the first place.

You saw your friend’s Instagram pictures of the jagged rock-like islands jutting out from the emerald green water and had never seen anything so beautiful in your life.

Or maybe you’ve just been waiting to have your Leonardo Di Caprio moment ever since you watched The Beach, which was filmed at the now famous Maya Bay back in 2000.

The Phi Phi islands are some of the most beautiful in the world, but with it comes a price — hoards of people that have the exact same itinerary as you do.

To some extent the crowds are impossible to avoid, but to ensure that disappointment doesn’t ruin what you thought was going to be the most memorable trip of your life, here are a few tips that will help you navigate the islands better so that you can walk away with the best experience possible.

Today many tour companies provide many different tour options and if you stay in Phuket you can definitely become overwhelmed by the large choice to ride a boat and get there. 

So, what to do?

If you want to enjoy this tropical paradise without being stressed, you should follow this tips to find out the right tour.

1 - wake up early and beat the crowd

Your tour should involve an early start and guess what? You should wake up before the sunrise, to arrive at destination before the others! Many boats leaves Phuket around 8 / 9 am and they arrive at Phi Phi around 9 / 10 in the morning. Even if looks like early too, it’s not.  The best tours departures are around 6 / 7 am and normally are named “Sunrise Tours”.

2 - speedboat or ferry

If you want to visit Phi Phi island in a day tour avoid to take a ferry: it will takes a lot of time and will bring you to Phi Phi Don, which is pretty amazing but then you should also pay for a long tail boat to reach some other beaches. This option is good only if you decide to sleep in Phi Phi islands and you have plenty of time.

The speedboat takes only less than one hour to get there and once you are in, you don’t have to change any boat and just enjoy the day.

3 - HAVE A good tour guide

Have a tour guide that can speaks fluently your language is the extra mile for your day, he can brings to you literally tons of information about the culture and the marine life and help you in case of need.

4 - marine park fee

Every time that you arrive in Phi Phi islands, you should pay a marine park fee. Be sure that this is included in your tour service before you book it.

5 - life insurance

Same as the marine park fee, be sure your tour is covered by a life insurance!

6 - check out the program

Phi Phi Islands are an archipelago that consists in 6 islands:

Bida Nok and Bida Nai are just two rocks and they have no beach. They are visited only by the divers.

Mosquito island is closed for the tourist so is not accessible. 

Phi Phi Leh is the most famous because of its beach Maya Bay, which also now is closed (but is possible to take a picture from the boat in the bay). The other famous place is Pileh Lagoon, where the speedboats and the long tail boat stops for some funny moments where the people can jump from the boat and swim in the emerald water.

Phi Phi Don is the main island and is full of hotels and restaurants. Is here that you can find the monkey beach, some amazing snorkeling points and some amazing beach such as Nui beach. 

Bamboo Island, finally, is a tropical island with a huge white sandy beach and crystal blue water. 

There’s some other amazing islands around Phuket, but just those six are part of Phi Phi islands.  Check out that the tour program brings you to that islands: Phi Phi Leh, Phi Phi Don and Bamboo. 


phi phi sunrise tour

Our Phi Phi islands Sunrise tour is the best option if you stay in Phuket or Khao Lak.

You just need to book and relax: we will take care of the rest! 

We have many years of experience and we operate with brand new speedboats, where safety and comfort is our priority.

Our Phi Phi Sunrise Tour leave in the very early morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean and beat the crowd to let you enjoy those amazing islands.

You will enjoy a Phi Phi daily tour from Phuket (but we can pick you up also in Khao Lak for free) with a very early start with an amazing view of the Sunrise over the Andaman Sea; then we will bring you to take a picture of the incredibly famous Maya Bay (which now is close but is possible get a photo from the boat), you will jump in the stunning “swimming pool” inside the Pileh Lagoon, then visit Phi Phi Don where we will choose a beach to let you relax in this tropical atmosphere.

You will visit the monkey beach (tide permitting) and have two snorkeling sessions where we will provide you all the equipment you need. You will have buffet lunch at Bamboo Island directly in a tropical white sandy beach.

If you are ready to feel the difference don’t miss our tour.


The Best Way To See Phi Phi Islands




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