The Captains. The Tourguides. The Boat Crew. The smiles. The attitude. The genuine friendliness.

Ask Club Champagne Customers what they love most about their tour with us, and you’ll hear answers like these. So we thought we’d tell you more about the people who make a Club Champagne tour so different from the rest. Because we think they’re pretty special, too.

Our amazing team

Miss Toy | Operation Manager

born in trang, thailand

You can’t enter in our office and don’t notice the power and the energy of Miss Toy, our Operation Manager. Toy has multitasking skills and she’s always ready to help and offer support to everyone. Of course with a smile. When she has free time she loves to travel, and in this amazing country named Thailand we can understand why!

Mr Ae | Marina Manager

born in trat, thailand

Mr Ae has many years of experience in this environment and he’s also a good Captain; but most of the time you won’t see him: this is because he’s working “behind the scenes” to let you have a 100% quality service on our speedboat. 

Miss Molly | Tourguide

born in chiang mai, thailand

With Molly everyday on the boat is funny!

She’s very sweet and polite. Her favurite activity is snorkeling and singing!  If you will meet her, you will have  a lot of fun! 

Mr AUDI | Tourguide

Our Tourguide Audi spreads energies from his happy face and he really love to show you the most beautiful places of our Tours! 

Mr Pee | Tourguide

Be ready to spend a very peaceful and “sabai sabai” day (which in Thai means relax) with our Pee! He always has a big smile in his face and he’s taking care a lot of you and your children. Specialized in “finding Nemo” fish for your children during a snorkeling session, you will have for sure an enjoyable day with him.

Mr Lucky | Captain

born in phuket

If you get the opportunity to meet our Cpt Lucky, you will be ready to have a lot of fun on the boat! Mr Lucky is expert in jumping from the boat and bring you to see the most amazing underwater creature of the Andaman Sea. Let’s also enjoy the speedboat ride in the mangroves with him: 100% good vibes guaranteed.

Mr Lae | Captain

born in phang nga, thailand

With more than 15 years of experience as Captain, Mr Lae is a veteran of the Andaman sea! If you have the opportunity to meet him you will spend a beautiful day as him and his crew will properly take care of you. 100% relax guaranteed! 

Miss Kook | Cashier

born in surin, thailand

Our Cashier Miss Kook she’s always ready in the morning to welcome you at desk and help you with the payment process. She’s very polite and sweet and always ready to help you before you step on our speedboat. In her free time she’s also a good chef, as she loves to cook thai food. 

Miss Auey | Operation

born in nakhom si thammarat, thailand

You will have the opportunity to meet Miss Auey at our Marina Office she can offer you always a big smile and a support for your requests. She’s part of the operation team, so she takes care of your reservations and “all the stuff” that will ensure you a pleasant journey with us! 


Miss Nu & Fang | Housekeepers

born in chiang mai & chiang raI, thailand

When you are in our Marina Office and you’re enjoying your breakfast you can notice our housekeepers Miss Nu & Fang, taking care of all with a smile! Helping you preparing a good coffee or simply clear the tables, their quality service is always noticeable. 

The Boatboy Team

Beside a good Captain there’s always a good Boatboy Team! Those group of funny and professional guys are helping the Captain during the whole day to ensure safety and quality service to your Tour. 


The Camera Team


This is our “Paparazzi” Team and their goal is to give you some amazing memories creating good quality video and memorable photos of you during the Tour. Just smile and relax! They are very professional also underwater, so what are you waiting for posing during your snorkeling session?